Honor Roll of Donors

Thousands of OES families past and present, alumni, employees and community members support OES with generous contributions. The commitment of our donors to the OES community is remarkable. A partnership, a community, a family.

Donors to OES from the 2020-21 fiscal year are listed below.

OES Fund and Auction

Every student benefits from the generous support of OES Fund donors every day. In 2020-21, the OES Fund and Auction raised over $1.2 million. 谢谢你!!

All OES Fund gifts are gratefully received and we deeply appreciate the strong support of our parents, faculty and staff, alumni, 和朋友. Gifts range in size from $5 to $70,000. You will find our combined OES Fund and Auction Paddle Raise donors listed in alphabetical order below.

OES Auction 2021

Donors Kept their Eyes on the Starts at the virtual Auction in 2021. But despite not being able to gather together, OES supporters showed up in force. Paddle raise donors are listed above. The virtual evening raised $436,000!

Auction Sponsors and Supporters

Auction sponsors contributed a service, item, or cash gift valued at $500 or higher. Auction supporters made a purchase at the 2021 Auction. 谢谢你!!

Game Changer Campaign

The Game Changer Campaign is a two-fold initiative; during the Campaign, all donors to the Athletic Center initiative, 眼观社会养老, and bequest donors are considered campaign donors.

Athletic Center

This game-changing campaign enables OES to realize our vision of an athletic center, one that energizes our athletes and programs and creates a community hub, connecting all three school divisions in meaningful ways.


The Bell Society honors and recognizes individuals who have either established an endowment during their lifetime and/or provided for OES through their estate plans. 

Restricted Gifts

These donors gave to specific areas of the school not included in the OES Fund or Endowment such as the 家庭紧急救援基金 established in response to COVID-19.

Gifts to the 纳比拉·马祖兹纪念基金 are recognized here. OES is honored to work in partnership with the Maazouz family to remember Nabila.


企业、基金会 & Trusts

Matching gifts contributed over $132,000 to OES fundraising totals in 2020-21. 谢谢你! for taking the extra effort to maximize giving to the school.


The following donors made gifts in honor or memory of someone of significance in their lives. These gifts are especially meaningful contributions to the vitality and well-being of our school, supporting endeavors that keep the OES mission thriving.


Named in honor of the year in which the school was founded, the 1869年社会 recognizes the leadership of donors who contributed $2,500 or more to the OES Fund (including Auction paddle raise donations) during the fiscal year. These donors' leadership support is noted with an aardvark symbol following their name. 

Recurring Donors

In recognition of the ongoing support of our recurring monthly donors, we have added the # symbol following their name.

Can't find your name?

就捐精夫妇而言, we alphabetize by the last name of the first member of the couple listed. Please let us know if you would prefer to be listed otherwise; we are happy to accommodate your request.

代替购票, many attendees of OES drama productions last year made contributions that supported OES performing arts. 谢谢你!!