The OES Athletic Hall of Fame honors former St. 海伦的大厅, Bishop Dagwell Hall, and 俄勒冈州 Episcopal School student-athletes, 教练, 团队, and special contributors whose accomplishments have brought prestige and honor to 俄勒冈州 Episcopal School. All nominees to the Hall of Fame must be individuals who have demonstrated their power for good since their graduation from OES, embodied outstanding leadership qualities, and continue to be held in high esteem by their colleagues, 教练, 和队友.  

Many of our alumni athletes can recall picking up their first lacrosse stick or volleyball on Nicol Road. Some of our earliest athletes and 团队 formed in the early 1930s at St. 海伦的大厅. With the new Athletic Center now complete and our sesquicentennial year behind us, now is the time to honor the individual athletes, 团队, 教练, and the individual non-athletes who have, 以某种方式, made extraordinary contributions to our school community and beyond.

No-cut athletics was established by Kris Van Hatcher '70 more than 30 years ago to offer every student who has attended OES the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves—a team. OES has an athletics participation rate of 80%, even today. OES athletics has always been rooted in the school's mission to prepare students to grow physically, 社会, and emotionally into leaders. Many of these students would not have had the opportunity to explore their interest and take advantage of the variety of sports at any other school, much less be able to play. Athletics brings people together.

Establishing a Hall of Fame is a way of reconnecting and engaging alumni and former community members of our school. This new tradition also serves as a means of recognizing, 保存, and honoring the athletes, 教练, and individuals who made significant contributions to the athletic programs throughout various eras. 

Athletics prepares our students to lead through encouragement and camaraderie. We are honored to celebrate the confidence, 成功, and lifelong relationships that these programs instilled in our students.  

Hall of Fame Committee

Current and Former 员工
  • Sarah Grenert-Funk, Interim Head of Upper School
  • Ed Kirk, Head Boys' Varsity Basketball Coach
  • Missy Smith, Associate Athletic Director 
  • John Holloran, Former OES Director of Studies 
  • Gary Crossman, Retired Upper School 数学 Teacher and Head Class Advisor, 10th Grade
  • Sara Berglund, Director of 校友 Relations
  • Mark Hochegsang, Parent of Graduate from the Class of 2010
  • Alicia Morissette, Parent of Graduates from the Classes of 2015, 2017,  2019,  2021
Former Student Athlete
  • 克雷格Honeyman 68