EC3 设计 Center

"Our school philosophy matters: Grounded in the belief that the advancement of knowledge flows from open and rigorous inquiry, we cultivate the life of the mind and the whole person by connecting questions with exploration and discovery, theories with scrutiny, expression with art, and self with subject."From the OES 身份 Statement

OES's Essential Competencies

A creative and collaborative hub for the OES campus, EC3 provides the space for the community to explore and extend classroom experiences, develop innovative approaches, model continual learning, and bring inquiry to life. EC3 is rooted in a commitment to student demonstration and leadership, 创造力, and applied understanding through the OES inquiry cycle:

  • 培养 curiosity and 创造力
  • 构造 a strong foundation of knowledge and skills
  • 设计 and apply solutions
  • actively and recognize perspectives beyond one’s own
  • 合作 to broaden and deepen understanding
  • 表达 ideas in multiple ways
  • 构建 resilience and respond constructively to challenges
  • responsibility for one’s actions
  • 价值 diversity and uphold the dignity of all people
  • 行为 with courage and compassion for self and others